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Do I have to have a web site to become an affiliate? Yes it is necessary for you to have a web site to become a part of the affiliate program. In addition, if your web site is under construction please wait until you are completed constructing, and have tested your performance before applying for affiliate linking.

How will you keep track of the sales generated by my web site? When you have been accepted to become an affiliate we will email you a code to attach to the html source code of the link you grabbed from our Affiliate Back Office web pages at the web site. Our shopping cart system at will keep track of the code in the link every time an order is initiated. In addition, as long as the customer has their computer set to accept cookies, the system will be able to keep track of sales generated when a customer comes back to our web site directly for the following 14 days after they clicked the link on your web site.

What kind of links will go on my site? You have many choices. There will be graphical banner ads and buttons linking to our home page. There will be text links to our home page, and copy included for either type of link that you may or may not want to use, explaining a little about our company. You can also choose to take a link from just one particular product or category within our site. You are free to use the copy and pictures for a particular product from our web site as long as it is for the express purpose of using on you web site to promote the item and purchasing it from

Can I put more than one link on my web site? By all means, yes. The more access and explanation you can provide to potential customers the more $MONEY$ you will make.

How much money will I get paid? You will be paid for 5% of the net sales generated by people coming from your web site. Net sales generally means the money paid less the taxes, freight, and handling. You will also be paid $0.75 US for any free catalog requests made from people coming to from your web site.

When will I get Paid? We will send you a check, (If over $25 US) once within 30 days of every month. If your earned commissions is less than $25 US we will carry the amount over into the next month. If your affiliate status ends the amount due to you will be paid in the same manner regardless of the amount.

Will you put a link back to my site? Yes, in fact a return link will be available at every page within our site they go to. This way, whenever they want to go back to your site it will only take one click to get there.

What kind of free content can I get. You can take copy from our web site product offerings if you use it to explain a product and suggest its purchase at

If you have any additional questions, please contact